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Hey, I'm Ashleigh!

I started out as the horse girl in the library, learning every little thing I could because I've always been OBSESSED with horses. They've been part of my life, with my family having horses when I was young. I got my first horse, Juniper, when I was 10. My Grandpa Barry promised to get me one, and he wanted it to be young so we'd grow up together, haha there was alot of learning things the hard way! I wouldn't have had it any other way, and we started out at the local shows here on the coast. I tried all the events out from barrel racing to cross country, dressage to sorting cows. When I was 12 I read a Horse & Rider magazine article on the stallion Zips Chocolate Chip and that set my sights on showing AQHA and having a little bay stallion. 

5 Years later, a little bay colt was born out of one of my favourite mares, Docs Classy Glow and he turned out to be my little dream horse bay stallion, Potential Goldmine (where the Goldmine Quarter Horses name comes from).

We went on to show AQHA all around events until an injury kept Leroy in the barn, we bred, raised and trained some more horses, showing & prepping halter horses for shows as big as the Canadian Nationals, AQHA Level 1 Championships, Oregon Summer Classic & the AQHA Select World Show. 

Nowadays, I'm always still learning myself but with the experience I do have, I want to help people get started on their own horsemanship journeys. I'm passionate about helping promote the horse industry, and this is where I can help.

Still just that obsessed horse girl :) 

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